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Inflation’s History In U.S. Is Not A Very Pretty Sight!

Here are some headlines and key facts from recent articles:

Maximizing Retirement Income Is Important

Most of the financial advice world focuses on accumulating assets and rates of return. Very little time is spent on the effect of stock market crashes on one’s retirement assets; OR how to maximize your income from whatever retirement assets you have saved.

Bridging The Gap Between Retirement Dreams & Reality

A recent 2021 Logica Research survey, sponsored by Schwab Retirement Services, found that 401(k) participants across America now believe they must save $1.9 million for retirement, up from $1.7 million in the 2019 survey.

Saving Can Have Powerful Impact On Retirement

There are only so many variables to any retirement plan: how much you save; your investment return on investment (ROI); how much you lose in taxes; and the income generated by your savings when you retire. There is a final factor, losses in future stock market crashes.

Time for a Mid-year Check on your Financial Condition

Just like a MD often gives a patient an annual or semi-annual physical exam, it’s time for your 2021 mid-year financial check-up. Let’s look at your job situation; real estate; investments; and tax plan.

Real Estate Investment Trusts have Pitfalls

In my previous 5/12/2021 article “Knowing Social Security Rules is Important Start”, I covered a case study of how a long-term federal employee could have $75,680 total Social Security (SS) and federal pension income by knowing the rules vs. $47,760, or $27,920 less.

Knowing Social Security Rules is Important Start

Many decades ago, future retirement income was based on “The 3-Legged Stool”: Social Security, pensions, and whatever you saved.

How to use Investment Credits to Reduce Tax Obligation

This year we get to file our 2020 tax return on May 17, 2021 instead of the normal April 15, 2021. But what you really need are powerful tax-reduction strategies.

How to Create a Rich Retirement & Legacy

Last week, I attended a 3-day virtual Cash Flow Expo. Most of the experts specialized in the unique niche of investing in mortgage notes. Their return on investment (ROI) would average 9%.

Paul Leatham

"Dr. Wong gives a straight forward presentation to maximize investment earnings by placing money into tax savings investments outside of the stock market. I learned several investment strategies I had never heard before covering what may be in the best interest of the investor instead of the financial firms ..."


DDS Paul Leatham

Ambassador at the 2017 Western Regional Dental Conference

Danette Earnest Keller

"I would be interested and excited to invite my clients to hear about his tax strategies and feel that this would be an added value we would be able to offer our clients."


Danette Earnest Keller

Williams Real Estate Broker

Stephanie Gonzalez

"He is engaging, funny, articulate and left our audience members wanting more information and insight. He truly understood our audience and quickly gained supporters ..."


Stephanie Gonzalez

Program Chair, Realty Executives, Phoenix AZ

Les Taylor

"I am writing this testimonial letter to applaud the competency and expertise of Dr. Harold Wong. As the former Assistant Police Chief of Tempe, AZ, I appreciate someone who is honest as well as competent. I have known Dr. Wong for many years as we see each other most months at the meetings of the National Speakers Association, AZ Chapter."


Les Taylor

President/CEO of Achievement Solutions, LLC and Retired Assistant Police Chief of Tempe, AZ

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