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Popular Talks

  • How Women, Widows and Couples Can Increase Income & Reduce Taxes
  • Secrets of Roth and Multi-Generational IRA's
  • Secure Your Financial Future: Lessons from Warren Buffett
  • How to Maximize Your Social Security & Other Retirement Income and Reduce Taxes
  • Common-Sense Financial Strategies
  • Protect Your Money
  • How to Sell Your Real Estate, Stocks, or Business and Pay NO Capital Gains Tax
  • Secrets of the Rockefeller Trust
  • How Doctors, Dentists, and other Medical Professionals Can Retire 5-15+ Years Earlier
  • Common-Sense Financial Strategies for Doctors, Nurses, Dentists, and Dental Hygienists
  • Tax Savings and Alternate Investments Beat Wall Street
  • How to Save Big with the New Tax Cuts and Jobs Act
  • How to Create a Tax-Free Retirement and Eliminate Tax on your Required Minimum Distributions from IRA's and 401k's
  • How to Make Big Profits in Commercial Real Estate: hotels, apartments, development, and lending
  • Solar Business Equipment Leasing: Wipe out your Federal Tax and Enjoy 7-10+% Returns

For Real Estate Groups This 3-hour Continuing Education Credit Course Is Available

Advanced IRA Strategies: Secrets of Roth, Multi-Generational, and Self-directed IRA's

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