…We feel very fortunate to have Dr. Wong as our advisor. We have seen that he makes the needs and interests of his clients a priority. His approach with his clients is refreshing, and he is the first and only advisor of the 17 or more we have met with throughout the years that made us feel that our success was his success. We have never felt that Dr. Wong had a personal agenda that he put ahead of ours. We remain grateful clients.

- Susan and Mark Clark

…Your straight and to the point style and sometimes humorous delivery kept our guests engaged and wanting more…

- Tom Diller, Business Development Manager, First American Title Company

…Your presentation made me feel like there is hope, and if I follow some sensible ideas, I will be able to live a long and somewhat prosperous life. Please continue to be the strong spokesperson for rational retirement money management strategies and thank you for educating our group of retirees…

- Bob Clark, APS/Pinnacle West Retirees’ Association

…Dr Wong brings a unique mix and incredible depth of knowledge to topics regarding finance and safer alternative financial investments. Audiences have enjoyed both his education and unique sense of humor. I would recommend him highly for educational speaking engagements…

- Scott Savel- Certified Senior Advisor, Griswold Home Care/North Valley Coalition on Aging

This morning I heard Dr. Harold Wong speak at my real estate office. He was amazing, erudite and entertaining…I am a Realtor Emeritus with over 43 years of experience in Arizona real estate. If you looked up genius in the dictionary, there would be a small picture of Dr. Harold Wong.

- Bill Ryan, Infinity& Associates Real Estate

…I particularly appreciate the straight talk, no nonsense approach you took in your presentation…Your guidance on investing in this market reassured me that though many challenges may exist, there are still opportunities to be successful…. I will definitely recommend your seminar to other investors and realtors…

- Richard H. Jones, CPA, Estate Capital Funding

…Your innovative and interactive approach to your presentation and tailoring it for our specified time allotment was well received…

- Lon Lawrenz, Secretary, Kiwanis Nuevo Club of Tempe

…Dr. Wong has a wealth of knowledge on many aspects of economics, including how to maximize one’s retirement income and how to minimize investment risks…

- Michele M. Smith, Phoenix Chapter of Arizona Education Association Retired

…If you attend Dr. Wong’s seminars, I am sure you will also learn valuable marketing tools that you could use every day…

- Eleanor Siverts-Ackerman, CPA American Society of Women Accountants

…Your presentation was well organized, and the visual aids and handout well designed to emphasize the points in your presentation…

- Donald Robbins, Good Shephard of the Hills Episcopal Church

Your Talk on Secret Tax Strategies was one of the most interesting topics covered and we received great feedback from all who attended…

- Zach Fuller, Caliber Companies

My only wish is that I had knowledge of Dr. Harold Wong in my previous encounters with Annuity Sales Agents. I highly recommend this gentleman.

- Robert J. Horsley

Your in-depth knowledge of the material was quite evident, and you informed us of the facts (IRS rules), regardless of how attendees were trying to bend the rules to fit their needs/wants. You have given me a marketing edge over my competitors which I’m sure will open new doors for me.

- Mark Morelock, Associate Broker, West USA Realty

…I attended a presentation by Dr. Harold Wong entitled, “How to Save Major Tax in 2018” at the Caliber Summit at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Phoenix. Dr. Wong’s presentation was extremely informative, presenting sophisticated planning techniques that could be utilized to minimize tax liabilities. I had never seen a presentation covering such seemingly disparate topics as: (a) tax deductions through defined benefit pension plans; (b) newly expanded Section 179 expensing for business equipment; and (c) 30% solar energy investment credits. He covered several complicated examples in a manner that enabled his audience to comprehend the substance of his inventive structures, and suggested structures that could be appropriate for both aggressive (and not-so-aggressive) persons. Dr. Wong’s high-energy style kept his presentation moving quickly, and he afforded no one in the audience a chance to be bored.

- Attorney Charles R. Berry - Clark Hill PLC

...I have been to other similar seminars in the past, both in Ohio and Arizona, and I am delighted to report that your seminar is the best one I have ever attended! The information you provided really helped me understand the ins and outs of federal benefits and how what I do now can affect my future 5, 10, 20, or 40 years from now. Understanding the TSP benefits made a real difference in how I allocate my funds... God bless the work you do and the people you help. It is rare to find caring individuals who not only do a job they love and do it well, but do it in the spirit of serving others at the same time...

- Marilyn R. Branson

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