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Dr. Wong has over 40 years of experience, earned his Ph D in Economics from UC Berkeley (1974) and passed the CPA exam (1979). He is a financial educator, has authored hundreds of published works, appeared on over 400 TV and Radio programs heard by over 1 million people.

Strategies to Sell Your Real Estate and Pay No Capital Gains Tax

Learn how to utilize the powerful and proven IRS Tax saving strategies used by the richest investors in the country. Sell your real estate and realize significant gains without worrying about replacement properties. Discover how to retain more profit and increase gains by up to 30%. You will leave understanding:

  1. What motivates owners to sell their real estate properties
  2. How much capital gains tax will you pay under the new Biden Tax proposals?
  3. Why executing a Section 1031 Exchange is not as easy as you might think
  4. Why real estate investors classified as "dealers" are not eligible for most tax benefits afforded to normal real estate investors
  5. The advantages and pitfalls of using Rockefeller Trust planning for once-in-a-lifetime cashing out of your properties
  6. How using solar business investment tax credits and Section 179 expensing can be a powerful way to eliminate taxes from income and profits.

How to Maximize Your Marketing and Expand Your Competitive Edge to Increase Sales

In a competitive environment the way to excel is to stand out. How can you elevate your credibility and become the representative of choice for elite clients? What unique knowledge can you deliver to separate you from the competition? Which innovative marketing techniques will generate more leads and sales? Here is just a sample of what you will learn:

  1. New resources to generate multiple deals
  2. Advanced marketing strategies that produce bigger sales & higher Agency fees
  3. Techniques to establish long-term referral relationships with elite realtors and mortgage representatives
  4. How to unlock your Unique Sell Proposition to separate you from the competition
  5. Methods to help you generate a higher personal income
  6. How to partner with Dr. Wong to deliver a dynamic education event to generate more business

Six Strategies to Double Your Retirement Income and Slash Taxes

Confused about social security rules? Worried about running out of money in retirement? Looking for ways to cut income taxes? Want lots of money for your bucket list dreams? Today’s negative economic climate, looming tax laws have your happy retirement and financial legacy in danger. Now is the time to look at new, advanced wealth building strategies your current financial advisor may have never mentioned. Dr. Wong will share his 40 years of experience and proven methods for maximizing retirement income, minimizing Wall Street risk, and cutting taxes including:

  1. Proven ways to double social security and retirement income.
  2. Why waiting until 70 to take Social Security is a $1 million-dollar decision?
  3. How a Private Pension, Real Estate or Equipment Leasing can yield 2-5 times what banks, bonds, and stock dividends pay
  4. Why your IRA or 401(k) is a ticking time bomb
  5. How a Roth IRA Conversion can create over one million dollars in wealth
  6. Advanced methods for cutting income taxes on wages and retirement income.

Retire Early and Happy Without Wall Street Risk

If you are worried about running out of money in retirement, looking for ways to reduce income taxes or seeking strategic ways to pass on a financial legacy to your children or grandchildren, you are not alone. Dr. Wong has 40 years of experience helping clients maximize retirement income, minimize Wall Street risk, and reduce taxes. You will learn these seven lessons for financial peace of mind:   

  1. How to maximize your Social Security retirement Benefits
  2. How Wall Street fools the public about stock market returns    
  3. Why current Stock Market levels are historically over-valued and due for a crash.
  4. Understanding Sequence of Return Risk, “the fatal flaw” of virtually everyone’s retirement plan
  5. Alternatives to the ridiculously low interest rates from banks and bonds    
  6. Private pension annuities: how they can safely generate 3-5 times the retirement
  7. income compared to stock dividends or bank/bond interest
  8. Advanced strategies to help you generate much more retirement income

Why Tax Savings & Alternative Investments Beat Wall Street

Learn what effective strategic options and alternative investment methods are available to help you and/or your clients achieve more tax savings, higher cash flow and less financial risk. Dr. Wong will delight the audience with his knowledge, personality, and humor as he discusses:  

  1. Why is it impossible to reach the Efficient Frontier (ideal portfolio of return vs. risk) without alternative investments?
  2. How to earn a steady 7-10% + with Alternative Investments.
  3. Why Real Estate is the most widely used alternative investment.
  4. Real Estate investing benefits vs. Real Estate investing pitfalls
  5. Why Private Pensions produce 2-5 times the cash flow of banks, bond interest or stock dividends
  6. How to use the benefits of equipment leasing to save tax and avoid the common pitfalls
  7. How Solar Business Investments can reduce Federal Taxes to Zero

How You Can Retire 5-15 Years Earlier (For Dentists)

Are we having fun yet? Are you worried about student debt, increased competition, wealth accumulation or lower insurance reimbursements? Did you know up to 24% of dentists are forced to retire early due to disability? Whether you love your current business status, or are dreaming of an early retirement, now is the time to start planning to Retire Early and Happy!

How You Can Retire 5-15 Years Earlier (For The Public)

Are we having fun yet? Are you worried about student debt, loan payments, increased competition, working capital? Is it time to start thinking about your exit strategy? Whether you are still loving your current business status, or dreaming of an early retirement, now is the time to start planning to Retire Early and Happy!

In this session you will learn:

  1. Common sense financial strategies for growing wealth
  2. Proven methods for maximizing retirement income
  3. The best tax saving options that help you retire early
  4. Which retirement plan produces the most tax reductions?
  5. How to protect against Wall Street downturns
  6. The rules of money according to Warren Buffet
  7. How you can optimize Risk vs. Return with Real Estate
  8. Lucrative alternative investments to increase retirement wealth.

Secrets of the Rockefeller Trust

Would you like to learn the genius financial and tax planning strategies of the Rockefellers that made that family rich and how you can use them to protect your assets? Explore the financial history that built the wealth of some of the richest family dynasties in the country and how you can use that knowledge to save thousands in taxes and start creating your family’s financial legacy today. In this program you will discover:

  1. What is the history of the "Rockefeller Trust"?
  2. Why did the Rockefellers have hundreds of trusts managed in Chase Manhattan New York headquarters?
  3. Why the "Rockefeller Trust" is an umbrella for "Big Boy" planning?
  4. How to increase your wealth by eliminating estate tax after the first generation?
  5. Is asset protection for your heirs more important than saving estate tax?
  6. How can you protect your assets like the Rockefellers and Kennedys did?
  7. What is the hardest part of "Rockefeller Trust Planning?
  8. What are the common planning mistakes and how to avoid them?
  9. What is the most powerful alternative tax strategy you can use to save taxes?

Marketing for CPAs: How to Increase Your Income and Serve Your Clients Better

In a competitive environment, it is important to stand out and deliver more than expected. Marketing yourself and your services is not easy and is often not in your comfort zone. Dr. Wong will share a few simple strategies designed to gain attention to your expertise and excellent service that will elevate your credibility, bring in more business and add more value to your client relationships. His engaging personality and humor will delight the audience as he discusses these topics and his recommendations for success.

  1. How you can serve your clients better than TurboTax, HR Block, and Jackson Hewitt
  2. Which three companies do a much better job of marketing to the public than the normal CPA and why that is.
  3. Do you have the skills and the right attitude to be an effective marketer?
  4. Marketing basics: how to optimize your client and prospect database with fresh relevant content and videos
  5. Advanced marketing strategies that use live seminars, advertising, public speaking, and publicity.
  6. How to use joint ventures with financial professionals to increase billable hours.
  7. How to optimize your Unique Selling Proposition to position yourself to attract affluent clients.

Secure Your Financial Future: Lessons from Warren Buffett

This American business magnate is considered one of the most successful investors in the world. He is the world’s tenth wealthiest person with a net worth over 105 billion dollars. His lifestyle is simple, his rules about money are profound and his common-sense principles can help you build personal wealth. In this seminar you will discover:

  1. Buffett’s two most important rules on money?
  2. Why do 99% of stock market investors violate Buffett’s Rules on Money?
  3. How the Buffett Index determine whether a stock is overpriced or underpriced?
  4. Buffett’s 3 Best Investments ever
  5. How Warren Buffett pays a lower tax rate than his secretary?
  6. How the average person can implement the Warren Buffet Rules of Money
  7. Buffett’s philosophy on why buying real estate is a path to wealth

Advanced IRA Strategies: Secrets of Roth, Multi-Generational, & Self-Directed IRAs

Optimizing your IRA by taking advantage of these rarely used advanced IRA strategies can provide tremendous benefits for your financial future. A Roth IRA conversion can allow unlimited earnings for you, your spouse, and grandkids. The multi-generational IRA can multiply income 2-3 times for your heirs. A self-directed IRA can provide lucrative alternative investment opportunities. Dr. Wong will draw on his 40 years of experience to explain:

  1. Why traditional IRAs and 401ks are a ticking tax time-bomb!
  2. How to do Roth IRA Conversions and pay no federal income tax
  3. How the economic opportunity cost/benefit of a Roth Conversion can add millions of net wealth to your portfolio
  4. How a $200,000 Roth IRA conversion can create $2,385,014 More Net Wealth
  5. How the SECURE Act has substantially limited the benefits of Multi-Generational IRAs
  6. How Self-Directed IRAs help you strategically invest in Real Estate & other alternatives.
  7. How to pay as little as zero tax on income or gains over $100,000
  8. Why understanding Advanced IRA Strategies will help you save taxes; reduce Wall Street risk; and enjoy a higher retirement income.

Women and Money: Your Guide to Financial Freedom

Whether you are single, married, divorced, or widowed, understanding where your money goes and how it grows will help you eliminate money worries; take control of your financial future, and protect your nest egg. Diamonds aren’t a girl’s best friend but financial and tax knowledge is. In this seminar Dr. Wong will uncomplicate money matters and teach you:

  • Why a man is not a financial plan
  • How to create a larger income you can’t outlive
  • Tips for lowering stock market risk
  • Simple strategies to reduce your taxes
  • Proven methods to double your retirement income
  • How being too generous to your kids can endanger your retirement
  • Special financial protections for the divorced or widowed
  • Ways to tell if your financial advisor is an expert or simply a salesman

Smart Ways to Protect Your Hard-Earned Money

It took years of hard work, sacrifice and planning to save your retirement nest egg. What steps are you taking to keep your money safe? Frauds and scams are rampant; inflation can slowly whittle it away; the fluctuating economy makes the financial future uncertain; and a few wrong decisions could totally wipe out your life savings. Dr. Wong will discuss how to protect your money and investments including:

  • Steps to protect yourself from biased financial advisors
  • Why seniors fall victim to investment fraud
  • How to prevent inflation from reducing your nest egg
  • Ways to avoid the next bond and stock market collapse
  • Simple strategies for reducing or eliminating taxes
  • Planning for medical and long-term care expenses

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