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Warren Buffett's favorite market gauge hits 171%, signaling stocks are overheated and a crash may be coming

The Buffett Indicator surged to 171% as of Friday's close. Buffett suggested in a Fortune article in 2001 that stocks would be fairly valued at a 100% reading, and buying them at the 70% or 80% level would probably work out nicely. However, he warned it would be "playing with fire" to purchase them around the 200% mark.

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What Is the Inflation Reduction Act and How Does It Impact Commercial Solar?

The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) is a historic piece of legislation that will provide lower energy costs for businesses in the US. It guarantees energy security and promotes decarbonization initiatives. In simple terms, the legislation allots $369 billion to combat climate change and decarbonize the economy.

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How Can I Tell If I'm Actually Rich?

Openly discussing the topic can be uncomfortable. But you’ve probably wondered who can be considered truly rich and whether you fit that definition (or ever will).

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Tesla Has More Awful News About Its Semi Trucks

This was the electric vehicle maker's first take on the semi-trailer truck, and Musk said that the Semi would have a single-charge range of 500 miles and be less expensive to operate than a diesel truck.

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Federal Solar Tax Credits for Businesses

There are two tax credits available for businesses and other entities like nonprofits and local and tribal governments that purchase solar energy systems (see the Homeowner’s Guide to the Federal Tax Credit for Solar Photovoltaics for information for individuals).

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This Is Why Toyota Isn't Rushing to Sell You an Electric Vehicle

Toyota’s hybrid models have been extremely successful, so you would think the automaker would be quick to embrace full electrification like some of its competitors. However, the automaker seems to be taking a somewhat controversial approach to EVs, and a leaked dealer document about the brand’s electrification strategy lays out exactly why.

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California approves banning diesel truck sales by 2036

California air regulators approved regulation Friday to ban the sale of traditional combustion trucks – that run of diesel – by 2036 in the state. The rule must now be approved or denied by President Biden's U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. California's vehicle emissions standards are regularly followed by other states.


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Super rich New Yorkers — including billionaire Carl Icahn — are fleeing the Big Apple in droves. Here are the top 3 states they're quickly escaping to

Haven’t you heard? New York is so 2018. At least, that’s the case for the super wealthy. Between 2019 and 2020, the number of New Yorkers earning between $150,000 and $750,000 fell by nearly 6%, according to the New York City Independent Budget Office.


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The National Study of Millionaires

America may be called the land of opportunity, but few Americans today really believe they have what it takes to become wealthy. They’ve fallen for the myth that in order to be a millionaire, they need a big income or a rich family. But The National Study of Millionaires by Ramsey Solutions proves that these beliefs about how millionaires got their money are wrong. Flat wrong.

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Paul Leatham

"Dr. Wong gives a straight forward presentation to maximize investment earnings by placing money into tax savings investments outside of the stock market. I learned several investment strategies I had never heard before covering what may be in the best interest of the investor instead of the financial firms ..."


DDS Paul Leatham

Ambassador at the 2017 Western Regional Dental Conference

Danette Earnest Keller

"I would be interested and excited to invite my clients to hear about his tax strategies and feel that this would be an added value we would be able to offer our clients."


Danette Earnest Keller

Williams Real Estate Broker

Stephanie Gonzalez

"He is engaging, funny, articulate and left our audience members wanting more information and insight. He truly understood our audience and quickly gained supporters ..."


Stephanie Gonzalez

Program Chair, Realty Executives, Phoenix AZ

Les Taylor

"I am writing this testimonial letter to applaud the competency and expertise of Dr. Harold Wong. As the former Assistant Police Chief of Tempe, AZ, I appreciate someone who is honest as well as competent. I have known Dr. Wong for many years as we see each other most months at the meetings of the National Speakers Association, AZ Chapter."


Les Taylor

President/CEO of Achievement Solutions, LLC and Retired Assistant Police Chief of Tempe, AZ

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