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Warren Buffett Saves Taxes, Finds Unique Investments

A September 25, 2020 Motley Fool article by Maurie Backman was titled “Why Does Billionaire Warren Buffett Pay a Lower Tax Rate than His Secretary?”

“In a 2007 interview, Buffett explained that he took a survey of his employees and compared their tax rates to his. All told, he found that while he paid a total tax rate of 17.7%, the average tax rate for people in his office was 32.9%.” The reason is that Buffett has kept his salary to only $100,000 for at least four decades and most of his income is qualified dividends and long-term capital gains, which is taxed at a much lower rate than wages and interest income.

For normal folks with taxable incomes under $1 million per year, there’s a more powerful way to save taxes. If one purchases a $70,000 solar reefer, leased out to giant food companies, one will receive a 30% solar tax credit = $21,000, which reduces one’s federal income tax by the full $21,000. In addition, one may be able to deduct $48,790 to $59,500 in year one. For a typical married couple filing jointly, this will save them about $35,000 of income tax and offset all the federal income tax on their first $180,000 to $190,000 of federal taxable income.

The Inflation Reduction Act, passed 8/16/2022, allows one to recover up to all the federal tax paid in the last three years. In addition, one can do massive Roth IRA Conversions, using the solar reefers to offset the tax.

Buffett’s single best stock investment of the past three years, Marubeni, is trying to buy into AEM, the company that has invented solar-powered reefers, the ONLY ZERO-Emission Technology that is commercially viable (according to CA). Marubeni’s stock has more than tripled in price since the end of 2020. This technology cuts the diesel bill in half for giant grocery and trucking companies and saves 20 lives each year by reducing dangerous diesel pollution. This technology is also the most powerful way to reduce income tax in today’s tax code.

Would you like to invest in the Tesla of the grocery and trucking industry? If you had invested in Tesla (the electric car company) when it had its initial public offering on 6/29/2010, a $10,000 investment then would be worth $1,160,000 on 4/06/2023. This is an increase of over 100-fold.

The company Marubeni wants to buy, (Advanced Energy Machines), has been given a multi-billion market in CA that will take decades to satisfy. In the grocery and trucking industry, a reefer (short for refrigeration system) is needed to cool refrigerated trailers that delivery food. Only two companies, Thermo King and Carrier, have divided a multi-billion market for decades and make diesel-powered reefers. AEM is the only company in the world that has invented solar-powered reefers. Based on competitive CA grant proposals four years ago, AEM’s equipment reduces dangerous diesel pollution at least 10 times the 2nd best proposal. CA has given $millions of grant money to AEM and CA wants AEM to replace all 55,000 diesel-powered reefers in CA.

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